Some Clients Have Given Ideas About Gravel Boards And Think The Are Ugly And Obvious.

Many don’t realise the huge selection of styles in both treated timber and concrete that are available. Gravel boards are great for many types of fencing like feather panels, palisade fencing, or close board but are mainly used to prolong the life of your fence.

Essex Fencing Ltd will go to any length to make sure the job is done right the first time saving you money in the long run. There is nothing more disheartening than a job done badly and we take great pride in the fact that our customers normally have to only see us only once during the time of property ownership.

Why use gravel boards?

In gardens that slope, gravel boards can be used to level out a fencing installation or to prevent gaping in your perimeter. It’s often used to prevent small animals from entering or escaping.

Another great use is to help provide different levels to a garden or making raised beds for planting. It can also just make a fence look more finished and adds strength to the individual panels. Sometimes they can be used on top of each other for soil retention but care must be taken so they are properly held together with special pegs driven into the ground to ensure they don’t buckle under pressure on a later date.

The most important reason for a gravel board is to extend the life of your fence, save money and save time on maintenance. The Essex area gets its fair share of rain in the UK and rain means wet and damp that causes rot to normal wooden panels. Even a timber gravel board needs extra treatment. If the correct treatment is given they could last up to 15 years.

Concrete gravel boards add even more to the life of your fence, keeping any moisture well away from any wood or paint.