Palisade fencing is the most secure in Essex.

Palisade fencing is the most secure fencing that we provide. It is constructed with either concrete pillars or galvanized steel. Each piece is individually bolted onto the beam across the top making it virtually impossible to be broken into it. It is popular with schools and industrial sites. Not only is the palisade fencing extremely secure it can also come in a variety of colours that will not rust and can be made to any height required. Essex can supply or install any type of palisade fencing that you may need.

The galvanized steel option makes the fencing even more difficult to climb and can come in a variety of styles at the top of the steel pillars.  These styles are cut into different shapes. The first style is a basic pointed cut to make it difficult to hold on to. The second is a triple pointed cut. It is cut like the first style but an inch on either side is bent out to make a triple point. The third is a rounded top. The fourth and final is the round and notch cut. Just like the rounded style but two to three inches down the pillar is notched at either side. With all the styles the barbs on the top are incredibly sharp and long lasting. Everything is bolted together creating a very secure fence.